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What is Hybrid Mail?

You may have heard a bit about Hybrid Mail; here’s what For Mail can do for you.

For-Mail is a Hybrid Mail service which allows you to mail branded letters, postcards and greeting cards to your customers and prospects, at the click of a mouse.  The service makes your mailings quick and easy, whilst saving you money on print and postage without compromising on quality.

On average, you will save up to 60% off your current mailings costs. For-Mail will also help you gain staff time and cut office resources.

For-Mail is secure; our website uses the highest strength 128 bit encryption. Once your mailing details hit our servers, you are in the hands of one of the UK’s most secure production facilities. To bolster this, we are ISO 27001 accredited for Data Security.

You have the option to send, A4 black or colour letters, A5/A6 black or colour postcards and full colour greeting cards. We’ve listed below the types of mailings For-Mail clients are currently sending:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Personalised Letters
  • Pay Slips
  • Reminder Letters/Postcards
  • Direct Marketing
  • Christmas Cards

View the Instant Benefits

The benefits start from the first letter you send.

Save Money

The average industry cost to send a black simplex (single sided) letter is 97p. For-Mail will send it for 42p* (including postage). A saving of 60% starting with the first letter you send.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Benefit from having your mail printed, packed and posted from one location.  With all paper and card FSC Certified, never worry about where your materials are sourced.

Save time and resources

Never have to worry about ordering paper, envelopes, ink or toner stocks. Save numerous hours of wasted staff time for more important tasks.

Reduce Waste

Not only paper, envelopes, ink and toner, but also energy supplies. With a Free Postcode Address File (PAF) matching service, incorrect addresses are completed, eliminating undelivered mail due to inaccurate addresses.

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Some Long-term Benefits

See the benefits you get from using the service over time.

Plan and implement mailings in advance

Create your mailing and select it to mail days, weeks or months in advance. Benefit from more efficient use of staff time.

Create and save profiles to suit your printing preferences

Don’t waste time picking your printing and posting options for every mailing.  Pre-saved profiles make the process even easier and quicker.

Save letter templates and backgrounds

No longer waste time searching for your letterhead or letter template. Save these to your account, gain control over which other users can access them.

Optional return management

Paying for a return management service is not mandatory. You choose what mailing returns you want tracked. Even better, we manage this for you and send the details to you in one document.

Choose how you communicate

Expand your communication options to send branded greeting cards, postcards and A4 letters.

Manage your account hierarchy

As an account owner, set a hierarchy and preferences for your users. Manage and oversee all mailings.

Keep track of your mailing history

You have an organised log of all your mailings. Recall past mailing information at ease.

No fees or contract

We won’t charge you to have an account and there is no contract to tie you in. Pay as you go and no more.

What our clients say

“Saves me a lot of time preparing all my statements which would take me hours to complete, definitely cost effective and very easy to use.”

Topaz Direct

“Fantastic service by local staff. Great service for us. We are trying to think of situations where we could use the service more as it is so effective.”

Calor Gas

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Office Mail

97p/ per letter

  • Printer & Ink
  • Paper & Envelopes
  • Franking Machine
  • Staff time
  • Extra fees & contracts

What would you prefer to pay?

For Mail

42p*/ per letter

  • No Printing
  • No Stationery
  • No Franking
  • No Contract
  • 9-5 Free Support

What our clients say

“For-Mail has enabled us to improve efficiency, by reducing staff time spent on managing mailings and reducing our overall mailing spend.”

McClelland Yarr Financial Services

“A very easy to use and comprehensive system which delivers exactly what it promises.”

Reid Scott & Ross

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